“FRENCH ABO SULEIMAN” calls supporters to carry out terrorist attacks in France and Germany

“FRENCH ABO SULEIMAN” calls supporters to carry out terrorist attacks in France and Germany…… Don’t sacrifice yourselves for ISIS desires to kill civilians : ” FRENCH ABO SULEIMAN” also known as “MORROCAN ABO OBAIDA” among organization members. His name raised recently after planning the last attacks in France. Thus lived in Albab (Aleppo’s countryside ), he became close to ISIS’s official spokesman “Al adnany” which made him one of the most prominent princes , after planning France attacks he turned to more closed person to high leaders in ISIS. ABO Suleiman had no obvious functions but lobbying the Europeans to ISIS and planning to terrorist missions especially in France. After the arriving of ” Euphrates Shield ” to the surroundings of Albab he moved to Raqqa, and became a trainer and speaker in ISIS young camps declaiming permanently to kids ” we will target the heart of Europe ” . ISIS’s last version which called supporters to kill and murder in France an Germany was accomplished by him. The version gives the followers lessons in murdering, composing rudimentary explosives and targeting enemies in France, but it also shows how much ISIS suffers the lacking of real supporters to communicate with. Which means that ISIS is actually loosing positions and popular incubator to support its actions and to believe in it as a protector of Muslims. Once again ISIS confirms the carelessness about those people whose assumed to be ‘killing tools’, and to destroy their future for ISIS terrorist goals. So don’t be cheap mean in the hands of men have killed Muslims and sunni Arabs, displaced thousands of them, weakened them in front of Iranian an Afghan militias, and gave a pretext to these militias to exterminate them by the excuse of “fighting ISIS”.


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